When Agility Meet Quality

Quality is not an act, it is a habit

Testing is not break the software, it is to dispel the illusion that it is not broken

Software testing is a sport like hunting, it's bug hunting

Quality is free, but only to those who are willing to pay heavily for it

About TesQuirel

 At TesQuirel, team is built on the foundation with a perfect mixture of innovation and expertise through experience.
 We bring-in the innovative solutions strongly backed by maturity and thought leadership built over a combined experience of 60+ years across various industries like Financial Services, Education, Customer Service and Information Technology. This varied blend gives us the impetus and perfection to design customer oriented solutions. Our team has expertise and experience in customer oriented operations and processes across the industries, which will help us to understand the business better vis-a- vis our competitors.
 This enabled us to offer a bouquet of products and services across various business areas and industries.


Prasad Jwalapuram

Managing Director

Srilakshmi K

Founder Director

Renu Aggarwal

Founder Director

Test Management Suite

  • End 2 End Test Management Suite with feature Rich Domain Vault.
  • Easy inheritance and mapping of Requirements to Functionalities and Attributes or add your own.
  • Speaks your language – Use your own functionality / attribute names through Alias.
  • Set your own parameter types and values -- flexibility to change for each project.
  • Generate Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data automatically.
  • Add your own Test Scenarios and Cases online or upload through Excel.
  • Manage Defects within or integrate with external Bug Management Systems.

Test Management Process

  • Configure products and Requirements.
  • System inherits the mappable Functionalities and Attributes.
  • Map Functionalities and required Attributes.
  • It will inherit the existing types and values.
  • Create Test Project, Generate and Create Test Plan.
  • Map Requirements, Resources & Risks.
  • Automatically Generate Test Scenarios, Cases and Data.
  • Algorithm optimizes the Test Cases.
  • Inserts Process Steps.
  • Test Manually or Automate the tests using the generated Test Data and Add additional Cases, if required.
  • Create defects and upload screenshots OR Integrate with external systems for bug tracking.
  • Track entire Test Case life cycle, Download Customized reports.
  • Use Rich Dashboard for status reporting.

Business Architecture

AutoTest Framework

  • SaaS based automation framework – Configure once, test from anywhere.
  • Unified, Easy to configure interface for web, mobile and API testing.
  • Low Code to No Code - Business team can also test.
  • Extendable to Automate Desktop and Mainframe applications.
  • Ready to use with existing tools – Easy Integration with @TEST, JIRA, Bugzilla etc.

Value Enhancement

Synergized Twin Tools for Test Management and Automation


Value Added Partnership


End to End Tracking from generation to conversion.
A complete solution from LeaD to Deal.

Sprout is an end to end school ERP delivered
using SaaS model.

Will have to make sure the prototype looks
finished by inserting text or photo.

A mobile first easily configuration solution to conduct
surveys and obtain feedback in a jiffy.



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