Optimism, Pessimism or Qualityism?

Software development, in most circumstances, starts with Optimism and ends with Pessimism. Any Project is initiated with an expectation of delivering considerable value to the end customer. However, when finally delivered, the user may have his expectations unfulfilled and the pessimism sets in. Will the delivered project meets the expectations?

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How much is Too much?

More may not always be merrier. Surely in the case of Quality Assurance. With a zeal to ensure that all the test scenarios are covered, QA teams tend to create a large number of test cases. Ensuring the adequate test coverage is not an easy task as it takes considerable time to create test cases and data ensuring that all the required combination of parameters is included in the test cases and all the required scenarios are covered. It may only burden the scarce resources further and may increase the testing cycle time. The challenge is in finding the right mix of combinations and optimum number of test cases that will provide adequate coverage.

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Risk Based Testing or is it “Much ado about nothing”?

Risk Based Testing has acquired lot of significance in recent times as significant number of organizations have started adopting it in their testing process. Is it worth the hype or is it “Much Ado About Nothing?”

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